World Cup fever and England

The World Cup fever is about to descend upon us. The time when offside rules and England’s penalty misses will be endlessly explained and debated. Typically by this stage cars will be cruising around with English flags or whatever nationality the owner’s car belongs to. I suppose with petrol prices the way it is, not many people can afford the added petrol usage brought on by the drag produced by these flags. Although I did see one on the road today. Maybe everyone is waiting for the initial stages to be over to see if England will at least clear the first hurdle. They have let us down badly over the past few years and the early Euro 2016 exit was the most painful of them all.

I came across an article about how the hottest football team would look like assembling all the handsome guys from the various teams and the only person I’ve heard off was Mo Salah, the Egyptian footballer who plays for Liverpool. I didn’t recognise any of the others, but it certainly was a sight for sore eyes.

Going through the group list, I now have an idea who the top ranking teams are and England will be lucky to get through to the later stages of the game. Come to think of it, I have only heard of 2 or 3 of the English players as well. We hope they will do us proud even if they don’t make it through, but it would be nice if they give us lots to cheer for in the coming days. So come on the boys, let’s show the world what The Three Lions are capable off.

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