World athletics championships, Mo Farah and Usain Bolt

Last year sometime I get a message from Kavitha telling me that the world athletics championships are coming to London at the Olympics venue and that I should register and try to get some tickets. I don’t normally like to book this early as I wouldn’t know what I will be doing few months down the line. I look at the schedule and days and couldn’t make heads or tails of it. Anyway I book tickets for the opening night as it is a Friday and I am normally free on Fridays. I wait to see if I have been allocated any tickets and didn’t hear from them. So assumed that I had been unlucky. Then one day I checked the website and realised that I did get tickets.

So the date is nearing close and without thinking I agree to do a list on that very same day. It was too late by the time I realised I had made this mistake and so ended up swapping the tickets with Kavitha’s inferior tickets for next Saturday.

And guess what. How unlucky can one get. Not only are the seats at the finishing line for the 100m race and they get a close view of Usain Bolt completing the heats but they also see Mo Farah, our 4 times Olympic gold medal winning star defend his 10,000m win.

Excuse me while I go kick myself for being the biggest idiot of the century.

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