Yesterday we rounded up the evening by going to the only Michelin starred restaurant in Woodford. It is a new place and has been given rave reviews. There is normally a waiting list and getting a seat at short notice is difficult but we managed to get some space. We were the first people to arrive as our booking was at quarter past six.

It looked like a really nice place, staff were all attentive. We were asked if we need any water- sparkling or still. There was an article recently which said that all restaurants should just give their customers tap water unless they specifically ask for bottled water. Why would anyone want to pay exorbitant amounts of money for bottled water when tap water is equally fine. We ordered a bottle of South African white wine and then the starter and main meal. For the main I ordered duck. For Kavitha’s 21st birthday we took her to a restaurant in central London and I remember ordering duck then. That day I was asked how I wanted my duck done and my impression in those days were that all meat should be well done and I asked for the same. It was only years later that I realised that duck is better eaten rare than over cooked. Thinking back I couldn’t understand why then I would be asked such a question as to how I wanted the dish cooked. The only time I think this question should be asked is for meat that can be eaten in the rare form to the well done stage depending on the customers preference. Anyway now I know and this time the question was ‘would you be ok if the duck is pink?’ To which I replied of course, no problems. So if you don’t like it that way chose another dish rather than crucify a perfectly well cooked dish.

Murali ordered pigeon. Once during my school days. I asked my mum to catch a wild pigeon and cook it for me. I was just having a bit of a temper tantrum and didn’t really think that she would do it. She didn’t do it, but the maid did. When I got back from school there was the fried pigeon waiting for me on the dinner table. I did not touch it and has never touched pigeon since.

The bread came first and was heavenly. I only had one piece as I knew that if I ate the whole lot I would struggle to finish the rest of the meal. They brought some aperitif which was melt in the mouth delicious before the starter and main. Everything was delicious and I didn’t have space for any desserts. I had a wonderful evening and will definitely come back again.

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