What’s the rush

Every Monday evening when I stand on the edge of my local swimming pool and am about to jump in, I get the same voice in my head saying ‘here we go again’. One week has just disappeared in a blink of the eye. Soon the year will be over and we will be ushering the ‘New Year’ in. Is it only me who feels this way. What is this big hurry? Why is everyone around me in such a rush? It’s like the ‘White rabbit from Alice in Wonderland’ nervous and always in a rush. I’ve never liked him from the moment I first saw him as a schoolchild and the thought still gives me the heebie jeebies.

I wish I could just stop the clocks and say ‘slow down everyone there is no need to rush’. So once in a while just take a deep breath and stop the clocks and freeze that precious moment, so that you can reproduce that moment again years later in the corner of your brain where it is tucked away. There is no need for cameras to capture that moment, just your mind window. The beauty of that still picture when time froze and you were at peace with this world.

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