Weddings and having a good time

The third wedding in a row in as many weeks. We were not invited to the first one in Schliersee of course, we just happened to be there. Each one unique and memorable in its own ways. Last weekend was a friend’s daughter’s wedding. The whole family was invited and little Lakshmi had a whale of a time, running around the dance floor and playing with the other little ones.

Today’s wedding is a special one. The groom’s mother was gravely ill a few years back and none of us thought she would make it. She did, because of the timely intervention of the duty anaesthetist, the tireless efforts of the ITU staff and the surgeon. However she and her family thinks I played a major role. I didn’t, but every time she sees me, she gives me a big warm hug with eyes filled with gratitude. I keep telling her that I’m not worthy, but it continues to fall on deaf ears. She’s been blessed with a second life and no one thought she would live to see this day and so it is really touching to be part of the ceremony and join in with the celebrations.

This morning we enjoyed the wedding breakfast and I was on my second cardamon tea when my friends decided that the groom’s mother’s saree needed adjusting. The beautician had done a good job, but they were not happy. So off to the toilet we went. A tiny place with hardly enough space to swing a cat and I thought my friend knew what she was doing when she started taking the saree apart. Next thing I know, the baton has been passed to me and I’m trying to fix it and pin it, while others were squeezing past us into and out of the two toilet cubicles. Soon it was not just the pallav, but the pleats as well. Really guys, give me a break, I myself struggled to sort my saree out this morning. Anyway I somehow managed to put it all back together and it sort of looked ok and sent her off to enjoy her son’s wedding.

The bride is a Gujarati girl and this is our second North Indian wedding this year. Everywhere you turn it is a vision of bright colours. Compared to our Kerala weddings, even the men are competing with the women for the most colourful attire. Each step of the morning rituals were described by the priest as he performed them according to the Hindu scriptures. The music changed from nadaswaram to bursts of Hindi film songs to prayer songs depending on the various stages of the wedding.

We are back again for the evening reception. The venue looks beautiful in black and white decorations. The music is more Hindi songs and Bhangra this time compared to last week. We had a great time on the dance floor last week and we are waiting for the DJ to turn the tempo up this time.

And up the tempo he did and with Bhangra drums as well. So let me get on with it and dance the night away…..

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