Today I wasn’t going to write much. We were meant to spent the day in some park, but Murali in his wisdom changed the itinerary and decided that we should go to Waterford instead. The route to the city was scenic and similar to the Welsh countryside.

Waterford is the oldest city in Ireland and is famous for it’s crystal glass factory. There are many historic sites to see in Waterford starting with the Viking Triangle. However women being women, we walked straight to the crystal visitors centre. Waterford crystals is one of the foremost crystal makers and their wares can be seen all around the world from the trophies given out as prizes including the crystal version of the Ashes trophy and grand chandeliers hanging from famous buildings. Another famous Waterford crystal is the millennial ball which is dropped every New Years eve to count down the beginning of the New year in Times Square.

We only had four hours to spend in Waterford. By the time the tour of the factory floor was over and we had done our Christmas shopping from Waterford, we only had an hour left to have lunch and rejoin the coach tour. I bought a wedding present for Kavitha’s friend who was getting married in November. While we were having lunch at one of the pubs in the centre of the city I noticed that Kavitha had sent me a text asking me to get a present for her friend, so I wrote that I had already bought the only wedding gift that was specially designed for weddings from Waterford. Kavitha replied by thanking me. So it looks like Kavitha thinks that I’ve bought the present for her to give to her friend. Now I have to find another wedding present…

I was going to have an early night and wake up early to have a swim before breakfast. It’s coming up to midnight now and let’s see if I will wake up when the alarm goes. I had a good swim this evening in the hotel’s lovely pool and would love to make the most of it before I leave on Wednesday morning and so only have tomorrow to do so.

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