Trivandrum and friends

Last night I struggled to sleep. Was it the three cups of tea I had in the evening? Was it the jet lag? Was it ‘Bahubali’ playing havoc with my head. Normally when I travel to India I go to bed early and sleep through the night and try and catch up on all the lost sleep. This time I’m still awake at three in the morning. My head was buzzing. Thoughts swarming around. It needed to calm down. Slowly I managed to do that and finally got to sleep.

Asha and I travelled to Thiruvananthapuram to do a bit of shopping and I’m meeting up with my school and med school friends in the evening. We had a girlie day out, clothes and saree shopping. I took her to designer boutiques and we browsed through the lovely sarees. Lunch was at the Hyacinth Hotel which also has a saree showroom. Big mistake deciding to check it out while waiting for our meal to be served. Silkyway is one of those shops you cannot walk out off without buying something. Sarees designed by someone who actually knows how colours, material and designs blend together to make elegant sarees which are a pleasure to wear.

Next a visit to see a cousin and it was then time to meet up with my friends. After dropping Asha off at her friend’s place, I make my way to the Hilton. Friends were coming from afar to see me. Kishore and Poornima from Chennai, Jay from EKM and Thomas also travelling long distances after a long day at work. Remani, an old friend of mine from med school, who I haven’t seen since my house jobs and her husband, both of them a year senior to me. Then Sasi, who organised the whole thing. I had the most loveliest of times and can’t thank them enough. Sometimes I wonder when I see my friends whether I’m worthy of such loving friends. Friendships that were created decades ago and now being made stronger.

I had to leave soon after nine as I have an early morning start. Amma was waiting up till we got back home. The poojaris will be coming early in the morning.

Sleep is still evading me as I write this message. I will have to stop writing now, but would like to thank my wonderful friends for such a lovely evening.

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