Travelling with babies

Travelling with babies can be quite difficult. You need to work around their routines. When they need a nappy change, feed, change of scenery, it is all, right now. It doesn’t matter to them that you are on a motorway with the next service break 10 miles away or the fact that while in the car they have to be strapped in by law and so cannot be taken out of the car seat. So the name of the game is patience.

It was the same last night, we got to the hotel quite late. The little one’s routine was disrupted and she would wake up at the tiniest noice. I was banned from using my phone as a result and got told off a couple of times when Kavitha caught me catching up on my phone messages.

The wedding today was at Addington Palace, an 18th century Manor House. It is surrounded by golf courses and the garden still retains it’s original design. I think this is the third time I am attending a wedding here. The bride is Kavitha’s friend from her medical school days at St Barts. They shared an apartment for a couple of years. We have known Sopiya and her parents since then.

I love Tamil weddings, the food revokes favourite childhood memories. I can’t get enough of the dried salted and fried chillies and rasam. Even though it was hot and my tongue was burning I carried on savouring it. I also enjoyed all the old Tamil songs on ‘nadaswaram’.

The registration was held in the evening at the same venue. Kavitha was a bridesmaid for both events. Sopiya was one of the bridesmaids at Kavitha’s wedding last year. Little Lakshmi managed to stay good this morning, but by evening she had had enough. The loud music was too much for her despite the head phones. My favourite ‘Rajni’ songs were playing, but she was having none of it. I braved the cold and walked her around the palace hoping that she would fall asleep, but it didn’t work and so we are back in our hotel room.

Tomorrow afternoon we get to do it all again. This time at the Natural History Museum.

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