Time to go home

I think the heat is finally getting to me. The lethargy, the lazy feeling. I don’t like sitting cooped up indoors under the fan or inside a closed AC room. The front porch and kitchen are my favourite places at home, here in Perumpuzha. I like the open air and plenty of light, that’s why the conservatory is my favourite place back home.

I need to pack, but can’t find the energy. There is an occasional gentle welcome breeze as I sit here in the kitchen, while my mother is getting everything sorted for me. I am making the most of all this pampering.

So it is time to go back home. I have had a wonderful two weeks. Is it the presence of the little smiley face that has made it special? I think it has been lots of special moments. My school classmates get together, the evening dip in the Taj pool with the little one while watching the sunset, the visit to Prasantha’s house, joining in the temple festivities, visiting the temples on Shivarathri, my classmates dropping in to see me, the Ayurvedic massage including the head massage which will keep my migraines at bay for a while, visiting Rafia’s brother’s restaurant and bumping into them, picking cashew nuts and fruits with my mum, swimming in the Arabian Sea, people watching in Chinnakada while waiting for my lift, visiting elderly relatives, and having dinner with my close friends.

This has indeed been a special visit. Alcira reminded me of mindfulness the other day when we had a little chat. Savour the moments and forget about work she said. That is what I have been doing for the past two weeks and also being able to share it with my friends have made it even more special.

A visit filled with special memories and moments.

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