Then and Now

Thirty years ago and now

Well written or not 

Let’s see what I have got 

Looking in the mirror 

I see a different figure

Do I resemble a balloon

I think I have stayed in tune

Six packs it may not be

But some semblance I do see

A paunch, a tiny pumpkin 

Must be all the dumplings 

The wrinkles do they matter

The baggy eyes, they do not flatter

The marks, the scars, all mine

Decades of a journey through time 

What would I change

If I were to turn a page

Nothing, I am happy with what I see

There is no discord for me

Trying to relive one’s past 

Years that have gone too fast

Remember it, dream it

The yesteryears we cannot visit

Like a river flowing downhill

We scale the years uphill

There is no turning back

We cannot retrace our track

So onwards and upwards we go

Making the most as we grow

Older and wiser

Seeking a kinder future

Dreaming much and living well

In a cloud where we can dwell 

Or is it at the end of a rainbow

On a green and grassy meadow

The ocean will keep us afloat

In our bright and shiny boat

Touching shores if we need to 

Or just drifting, that will do too

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