The season of a lifetime – Leicester City

As it has been a slow news day, I thought I should tell you about Leicester City winning the Premier League championship against all odds. This was the story we all woke up to today. You may also have heard about it. It has been described as the most astonishing story in the history of football. Last year this time they narrowly avoided relegation. The bookmakers had offered odds of 5000-1 against them becoming champions this season. There was more chance of finding Elvis alive (at 2000-1). Imagine if you were a betting person and had put £100 on it last year, you could have retired today, unless obviously you loved your job too much and decided to stay on. Did I tell you that J K Rowling’s husband is an anaesthetist. Obviously loves his job too much to give it up. I am digressing. Anyway no one has come from an odds longer than 6-1 to win the premier league. So you can see what they have achieved.

‘The Foxes’ jumped 13 places up the table since last season to win the title. I don’t support any football team, so it was easy to get carried away in the euphoria that surrounded the victory. I suppose to feel the full extent of the excitement you needed to have felt the pain when they were down in the dumps. Not many believed that they could do it.

Gary Linekar, who is the Match of the day host and previous Leicester player said that he would present the show in his underpants if Leicester won the title. So the question now is ‘Will Linekar keep his pants promise’ ? The bookmakers are even taking bets on the colour of the pants he will be wearing.

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