The month of May

The April showers have petered away

The grass is green, the trees they sway

The branches now long enough to greet

Their counterpart from across the street

The daffodils have gone to sleep followed by the tulips

Soon the bluebells will conform too

But the countryside is alive and so is colour

Back in our lives as far as the eyes can peer

Is this the best time of the year?

Tell me my friend, for let us enjoy it togetherThe sweet smell of Roses, Lilly of the vall

The chatter of the birds as they carry on happily

The gurgling streams, the sunshine, the showers

The thriving wild spring flowers

The flowers, they line the hedge banks

Brightening, softening the green expanse

The ragged robins, daisies and primroses

Is it not time for long country drives

Past the golden Canola fields, a sight to behold and share

The gentle breeze, bright shiny glare

As Spring slowly fades into Summer

The best time of the year is here 

‘Tis the month of May 

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