The empty bird’s nest

The empty bird’s nest

Love was the nest they built together
A place of sanctuary at the end of a busy day
Where they could rest their weary feather
When the lights went out and the day drew to a close
Where they shared their day’s stories
Tales the day brought when they were not together
Where they comforted each other and forgot their worries

Love was the trust they built together
The bickering, it came, it went
What mattered was that they cared for each other
Years passed and the stories dried

As I look through my kitchen window
I see the remains of the empty nest
The inside empty and hollow
The love which came to roost
Has flown the nest and gone forever
I want to take it down, but leave it
Let it be a constant reminder

The empty shell will find another chirping family
Love will return to fill the space
Till then I wait patiently
For my feathered friends to come and take their place

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