The day of the wedding

The alarm goes off. It is six in the morning. I just fell asleep about 3 hours ago. I didn’t have to get up this early, but forgot to switch off my normal weekly alarm setting. I can’t go back to sleep and so get up and start getting ready for breakfast. After breakfast I pick up and look after Lakshmi. Lakshmi is not in her best mood today and keeps asking to go and see her Nana. When the hairdresser comes to do my hair, she curls Lakshmi’s hair as well. As soon as she’s gone Lakshmi decides to roll around on the floor and pull her hair down. It was a waste of money.

At noon we drive down to the church. Lakshmi is the flower girl and needs to walk down the aisle with Lauren and her two bridesmaids. She’s been given a small basket full of white rose petals to carry with her. The choir sings welsh folk songs followed by some popular music to keep the family and friends entertained. I wait with Lakshmi at the church entrance. Lauren looks absolutely stunning when she arrives as the clock strikes one. Lakshmi refuses to walk with them and clings on to me. I don’t have an alternate plan. They tell me it’s fine and to take Lakshmi in. As I walk into church, all eyes are on me and everything goes to pot. My fascinator hits the thick door curtains and comes off. I try to put Lakshmi down as I try to steady myself, hold onto my hat and the flower basket without spilling the petals. Lakshmi gives out a squeal and I get to my seat as quickly as I can and sit down before Lauren walks into the church. I must be one of the clumsiest persons ever.

The service gets underway and the couple exchange their vows. The priest does a short speech, advises the couple and talks about unconditional love. Soon it’s all over and we drive back to the hotel where drinks and canapés await us till a late lunch is served in the afternoon. Lakshmi compensates for her earlier behaviour, becomes friends with the bridesmaids and poses for the photos. She walks around all evening saying “I’m a princess” and showing off her dress and shoes. She also tells Katie that she was scared and that’s why she couldn’t walk down the aisle with Lauren.

We share the table with some of Louise and Gwynn’s closest friends. Over the years we’ve got to know them quite well. They are such a hoot. I haven’t laughed this much in ages. During our toilet visit, the girls decide to check if there is a vending machine in the gents. There isn’t one. When we come back I tell Andrew what Jen was up to and they decide that I’m the snitch of the group. Tracey and Jen are not going to let me live this down, or their new found friend, Sarah, whose suggestion it was which prompted them to embark on such a venture. The dinner is lovely. I take my time finishing the dessert. The waiters come twice to clear my plate. It’s too nice and I savour it in my own time. The speeches get underway and all of them are hilarious and enjoyable. Huw, returned his brother’s favour as the best man at his wedding. Lauren’s dad gave his take on Lauren and first impressions on meeting Dan. Dan did the rest. As wedding speeches go, a masterclass, I think.

The disco has been going on for three hours now. Lakshmi hasn’t left the dance floor. Lavinia was wriggling around so much, that I initially thought she was trying to get comfortable. Then I realised that she was trying to dance. So we had a bit of a boogie. I’m tired out but the two girls, their parents and the gang are still going strong and they carry on till the music stops at midnight.

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