The adventures of Tom Sawyer

Family in Malaysia

Family in Malaysia

Talking about the adventures of Tom Sawyer, I had actually forgotten about Amy Lawrence. I was no Becky Thatcher. She was too prim and proper for me. Neither was I the Huckleberry finn character. But I think I can relate to Tom. Asha and I used to scour the neighbourhood /countryside looking for treasures. I cannot really say countryside because it was all pretty barren land. It was quite safe for us to roam around. We had such freedom. Anything we found, could be just some old tools or suchlike, we would take it home and find some use for it. We stored it all under our house. The houses were wooden houses built on stilts. It was a pretty big house with 2 good sized bedrooms, bathroom, kitchen, lounge and dining area.

Every year on our birthdays all our friends including Ruby would come around. Asha and I used to entertain the children with our own made up shows. We used to sing songs or do a short skit. It was all properly planned and practiced well in advance with costume changes and our treasures were used as props. If our friends were good to us we would give them parts to play. We had such fun times. When Amma was cooking, if she needed something she would ask me to run to the shops to get it. The shop was quite a distance away. I remember once I was watching the Tom Sawyer film in black and white on TV and she wanted me to get something. She had to wait till the film was over before I went. I still remember the scene where Tom and Becky were lost in the cave and I wouldn’t budge till the film was over.

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