Swimming lessons

On Tuesday, I went swimming with my friend, Alcira. I normally go regularly on Mondays. So this was an extra session and the third week we’ve been going together. We actually wanted to go to the Stratford Olympics pool, but it is closed in May for the European Aquatics Championships. We will definitely be going there next month. The pool is 50m long and so double the size of the local pool and we can’t wait for it to reopen to the public again.

My Monday sessions are swimming lessons. I’ve been going regularly for a long while now. The only reason I carry on booking the lessons is because I am not a disciplined person, and to go weekly and jump into a cold pool especially during the winter months is a big ask. There is meant to be another guy taking the lessons, but he hardly turns up, which means I have the whole pool to myself. If I’m on my own I just go round the pool in circles. Now and then the instructor tweaks some of my techniques and let me master them in my own time.

Going swimming when the pool is open to the public is a completely different kettle of fish. On Tuesday’s from 830 to 9, the pool is cordoned off so that there is only one single lane for those who want to swim the length. After 9, there are more lanes. So when you are swimming in one of the lanes you cannot do it on your own pace. If you do, you end up bumping into each other. So it is a bit of a mad rush going up and down the pool. I enjoyed it and the competition is good and pushes you to your limits, which for me is really not much but enough. I have good stamina though, I can swim continuously for 30-40 minutes without stopping and taking breaks as long as I do it in my pace. Sometimes I see Alcira whizzing past underwater like a mermaid, especially as she has the correct shade of green swimwear as well. Alcira can swim the whole length with one breath. Apparently she needs to get herself in the zone and slow her metabolism down in order to do this. I was asking Kavitha if she could do this, as she likes going under water at depth, but she couldn’t either. So it is not something that is easy to master.

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