Sutton Coldfield

Wednesday and the final day of our trip to Sutton Coldfield. The forecast is for continuous rain all day. We’ve had a good couple of days. It didn’t last long. Surrounding the golf resort is nature reserves and country parks, all affording year long trysts with nature for those who enjoy the peace and quiet of the woodlands. The wildlife which thrive on it, away from the predators show us how to be mindful, be in the now and enjoy the moment. The rain was only a light drizzle. The heavy rain from the night before left muddy puddles. The children ran, jumped and splashed in them. The rain didn’t bother them. The greyness filled the sky and spread into the woods. With no sun rays reflecting on the lake, the rain droplets spread murky ripples in all directions. The anglers lined the banks waiting for the bait to catch and we followed the children as they followed the trails. 

My friends take the first challenge seriously and post photos of their bare upper arms. Pretty sarees and makeshift sleeveless blouses hastily put together to join in the dare. They all look good, the worries seem unfounded. One more person has agreed to upload her photo, the rest four are ignoring the plea and are now in the traitor’s gallery. Usha is already cooking up her second challenge, one which looks unlikely to materialise. I did have a think but then chickened out. “Never say never”, I can hear her say. Still we’ve had a laugh. Likeminded friends who are willing to take up challenges. Good on you I say. Keep them coming. 

It is lunchtime and we return to the pub we discovered not far from the hotel. It’s four days in a row now and they greet us like friends. “Have you moved into the village”, the pub lady asks. “I’m afraid not. In fact we are on our way back home today”, I reply. Another long relaxed lunch and it is time to make our way back home. 

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