As Spring gives way to Summer and the air warms up, I give my summer dresses their much needed annual outings. It’s difficult to know whether Summer is here to stay or whether it is nature playing games with us. Enticing us, as to what’s on offer and then taking it away when we need it the most.

Sunday was a glorious day, but I decided to take it easy. The busy week had taken it’s toll and vegging out on the settee in the conservatory was the only option. The garden needed tidying, the ironing was piling up, the journals looked abandoned, but they all had to wait. I had bigger fish to fry. My mind and body needed some TLC. So the settee was it. Reading the Sunday times, catching up on my TV serials, indulging on the Indian sweets and savouries. And then feeling guilty enough in between to get up and switch the computer on to do some pending work after which it was back again in the sunshine in my sanctuary.

I found it hard enough to stay awake most of the day, but woke up enough to try my hand at some Salsa steps. I have difficulty mastering these moves, coordinating the movements with the instructions, even if it was just the basic ones. I give up things easily like my Italian lessons. I need to slowly start doing some new activities and learn new skills. There is still life in the old me, I just need to wake her up.

The bee buzzing around me, brought me back to reality. Like everything in life, the good comes with the bad. Summer comes with buzzing bees, flies, wasps and creepy crawlies. Some welcome ones and others we can do without. We wait all year round for these times and do not get enough time to enjoy it when it finally arrives.

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