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Reading James Comey and Arnold Schwarzenegger’s stories about their rise to fame and their careers was indeed an eye opener. Two personalities, I had formed unfavourable opinions about. I had wondered whether Comey, the former Director of the FBI, was the reason for Clinton losing the election. Ordering an investigation into her email accounts so close to the election and then giving her the all clear two days before the date, meant that she lost a lot of support according to what I could gauge from the reports at the time. However after reading a summary of his biography, I get the impression of a self made man with high principles who always strived to do the right thing. He did what he thought was right despite the timing of when the problem came to his attention. He didn’t have a choice and I don’t think I can fault him for that.

Then there is Arnold Schwarzenegger. Someone who has excelled and risen to the top of three different careers. Not many people can say that. Judging him by the scandal that blighted him is quite unfair and I stay accused. A few of my friends and colleagues have risen to the top of their chosen career paths, only one person I know personally is scaling the second one and it won’t be long before she reaches the top of that position, if she hasn’t already done so. Asha is an exception and I am sure once she has conquered the heights of the current position, she has enough and more energy in her to try a third career path.

I write this as I wait for my ‘no frills’ new aircraft to depart. Two years ago I made a promise to my nephew that I would be there for his graduation. When we found out the dates, we were not sure if we were doing the right thing by booking the trip. It was not too far from Kavitha’s due date. Will the baby arrive when we are away or if the baby comes, will the time away fall during the naming ceremony. It was also the school half term holiday week and if we dithered we may not be able to book time off or get a good enough ticket deal. Anyway we booked the flight. Kavitha was not happy, but I knew everything would work out. It always does and it did. So we are on our way to celebrate Nidhin’s graduation. The shy young boy has come a long way. Two years on and he has grown into a confident young man, winning photography prizes, acting in one act plays and winning athletic medals. He has also bagged a place at NYU to learn Computer science and I hope inspirational stories like this will help carve the next generation to reach for the top and realise the limitless potentials they have in them.

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