Stay at Kovalam

During my school days, I started keeping a diary, but was not disciplined enough to write regularly. I now wonder how it would read. What were my thoughts in those days, my worries, my interests, my fears. What made me happy or was it always books and exams. Am I still chasing rainbows and lost childhood dreams? I doubt it. I do act crazy though sometimes (ok, well most of the time). This morning after breakfast Kavitha and the baby went back to the room, while I carried on sipping and savouring my Indian masala tea. There are some things that you cannot rush.

As I walked down the path on my own, back to the room, the views over the sea was breathtaking. I paused to take a photo. A young couple was sitting on a bench and gazing into the distance, their life together was just starting. Are they wondering what lies ahead or are they just enjoying the moment.

They asked me to take a photo of them. I took a couple and asked them if that was enough. The girl then asked if I wanted one of mine. I kindly declined. Why ruin a perfectly beautiful background?

I listened to one of the songs on my phone, ‘പൂങ്കാറ്റിനോടും കിളികളോടും കഥകൾ ചൊല്ലി നീ’. I could have used the earphones, but some songs are too good to keep to yourself. It was not loud, but loud enough for me to enjoy. I wanted to do a little skip down the road. Not a good idea. The hotel staff already know that I am a bit silly, I don’t want them to think that I’ve completely lost it. So instead, I just smiled to myself as I carried on strolling down the path.

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