Spring has arrived. A subdued start. Maybe even the weather is reflecting our moods. As I think of sunny days, Lavinia’s sentences come to mind. It never is just a sunny day but the sunshine has to be bright. She likes her adjectives. Something that is wet is not just wet but soaking wet and anything hot is not just hot but burning hot. The day is still young. The robin is happily pecking away on the grass. The early bird looking for its worms, and then I notice the second one. Am I seeing things. I stop what I’m doing and look again. No there it is. My robin has found a friend. Aren’t robins meant to be loners who guard their territories fiercely, I google the possibilities. March is their breeding season and now it makes sense. The nest will be hiding somewhere, they don’t like to be found and will happily discard the nest if discovered in the early stages. 

Spring is definitely here. My plants which looked dead and gone are springing back to life. A week ago I was about to get rid of my clematis which I planted last year. It was black, dry, withered and looked only good for the compost heap. A week on baby shoots are sprouting from it. Oh, the joys of gardening. The crocuses which didn’t bear any flowers last year are making a renewed effort. Some of my new plants were not strong enough to brave the snow which turned them into icicles, but most survived. At the garden centre they have mini lemon trees. It reminded me of Rafia’s ones in her garden. Looking at the price, I decided to give it a miss. I can buy ten plants with that amount and in my hands the chances of a lemon tree surviving is pretty slim. 

A column in the papers talked about the minority who embraced the lockdown and thrived during the period. Life is a bit more chaotic nowadays but I look back to those early days and remember the serenity that enveloped me. The days after the infection had touched our family and left us unscathed. The days when I knew we will be fine. Selfish thoughts but necessary ones. Times when I was at peace with myself. Times that I will be looking to emulate in future. The lockdown will be easing soon and life will return to our high streets. Does everything that happen in our lives happen for a reason. The significant events certainly leave their marks and we learn from it all. The good and bad experiences, that’s life and there is no escaping from it. 

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