Spitzingsee with Lakshmi

Lakshmi has had a fitful night. There is a cot provided but she won’t sleep in it and has been kicking us all night. I give my morning walk a miss. I wonder if it is a good decision as when the weather turns and if it starts raining, I won’t be able to do the walks for the rest of the week.

Lakshmi joins her parents after breakfast. She burns her arm on the iron and it is developing into a blister. Plenty of tears later I take her to the playroom while her parents get ready. Today we are taking the bus to the next nearest lake, Spitzingsee. Tourists get a visitor’s card for which we pay a mandatory fees and with this we get free rides on the local buses. The buses are not frequent. It is midday by the time we get our bus. It is another scorching cloudless day and the perfect day to go up the mountains where the air is much cooler. I have only been around this lake once during our first visit and the rest of the times the weather here hasn’t been conducive to walks.

When we reach our destination we follow the path along the side of the mountain first. From this end we can only see mountains and the paths winding around it in different directions. Further down the path we can hear music and wonder where it’s coming from. A guy is strumming his guitar, another is playing the accordion and it is being filmed. We are not sure where the winding road will take us and decide to go back to the lake.

It is a smaller lake compared to Schliersee with beautiful views especially on a day like this. Around the lake there are parts where reeds separate the path and the lake. The water is crystal clear and half way around the lake there are cows grazing along the path. Both ends of this area of the path have gates to prevent the cattle from wandering off. We take it easy and have a rest when we see benches. At the forest end of the lake, school children are having a zip-wire experience.

After we complete our circle around the lake it is time for a break. A lakeside restaurant provides the perfect spot. Their kitchen is closed as lunchtime is over and they are only serving cold food. We’ve had a late big breakfast and are not hungry. We only want a drink, we tell the lady and settle down. The music guys are now on a boat in the lake singing their hearts out. It sounds like a rap song and is in German. They are filmed repeating their performances from different directions. We finish our drinks and make our way to the bus stop. It is time to catch the bus back to the hotel.

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