Shoe shopping with Lakshmi

Was it the night terrors or was it a blocked nose? I am not sure, but Lakshmi woke up a few times during the night. She went straight back to sleep and so didn’t disrupt my sleep too much. In the morning she starts sneezing and has a runny nose. I think I kept her in the pool a bit longer than I should have yesterday. Her hands were blue by the time we got out. She doesn’t like getting her hair wet in the shower usually but this time she sat there for a very long time enjoying the warm water as it slowly warmed her up.

We get ready for our shoe shopping trip. I am taking her to Stratford to get her feet measured for summer shoes. As we wait for the porridge to heat up, I put on some old Tamil songs and we have a singalong. Lakshmi wants me to dance along as well. Why not I said and so that’s what we did. Her latest song is ‘twinkle,twinkle’, which she belts out at the top of her voice. Pity she has inherited her singing voice from her maternal grandmother. Any other three options and she would have been fine. Her other favourite phrase this week is “oh, I see”, which she starts her sentences with.

I heard on the radio a few days ago that songs that we listen to during our formative years bring back strong emotions when we listen to them years later. That’s what these old Tamil songs do to me. Other Indian songs do not do much for me. I haven’t listened to many (if at all any) Indian songs for a long while now. I have found other ways to entertain myself while on the treadmill. I managed to do a difficult sudoku the other day and so exercised my body and brain at the same time. A feat I might not repeat for a while as I had to randomly chose numbers twice to fill the gaps, and so the probability of actually completing it was getting lesser each time.

We had a very good time in Stratford. Lakshmi played on the slides in the children’s play area after we bought her shoes. Then it was lunchtime. When Kavitha was little our favourite place was ‘Burger King’. A burger, fries and hot chocolate and we were happy. I took Lakshmi to a South American place. She had chicken and chips while I enjoyed a ‘ceviche’ for the first time with a small glass of Sauvignon Blanc. Slivers of raw white fish and vegetables marinated in ‘tiger milk’. I must let my Iowan friend know. He has been raving about it for a while and now I know why. It was delicious.

As we leave the restaurant and walk the mall to the tube station, Lakshmi stops outside each restaurant area where she hears some music to do a twirl and a short dance. We get home just as Huw’s parents arrive. Lakshmi has her nana and gummy looking after her for the next week. After dinner I get her ready for bed and she leaves happily with them.

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