Second childhood

It has been snowing since yesterday, only lightly though. It didn’t settle. Which is a pity, because Lakshmi came to spend the weekend with me and we could have had such fun making our first snowmen together. When Kavitha was little I used to help her and as she grew older she built them herself. I think the last one was a few years ago just around Christmas time. We went to New York that year for Christmas and when we came back a few days later only the remnants of Mr Frosty was still standing. It doesn’t snow here as it used to anymore.

As the weather was bad we stayed indoors. She helped me pack for our trip this coming weekend. Our second all girls trip away together. This time for two whole weeks.

We only have a few of her toys at my place, so we had to find alternative entertainment. This came in the form of listening to some hip hop music. She clapped and danced along to JP Cooper’s ‘September Song’.

To compensate for all that, we decided to listen to some classical music this morning. She seemed to recognise ‘Fur Elise’ as this is the piece which plays on the little wind up piano that her aunt gave her mum as a wedding present. She chuckled as we waltzed along to the ‘Blue Danube’.

I found a few of Kavitha’s old books and by the time I had finished the first chapter from ‘The house at Pooh Corner’ she was fast asleep. I can’t wait to read the second chapter with her. I am living my second childhood with the little one. I had forgotten that singing along to nursery rhymes and reading children’s books could be this much fun.

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