Santorini and Tranquilo

The waves crash onto the scattered rocks and disintegrate into a milky white froth. As it recedes the black sand glistens in the aftermath, only to be bathed again as the waves slowly start getting stronger and angrier. The sailing boat moored in the distance is bobbing silently. A cruise liner disappears into the distance. Dark clouds are slowly inching their way in and taking over the once pink and blue skyline. I sit transfixed as I watch the contrasting black sand and white froth play hide and seek. The waves provide the background music as the magnitude increases. The air is getting chilly and I realise that my fingers are starting to shiver. I look around me and the beach is deserted. I gather my things and make my way back.

The tourist road train is making it’s last journey of the day. There is no glorious sunset today. Just a gradual slowing down of the day as the night skies takeover. The birds are chirping away and telling their loved ones that it is time to retire. Soon the darkness takes over and the birds fall silent. The only sound is that of the waves in the distance.

The feeling reminds me of the restaurant we visited today. Aptly named ‘Tranquilo’, it is a place of serenity. The cheerful bohemian decor, the laid back settings, the friendly attentive waiters and the two adopted stray dogs. One of whom which tried to keep me company as I went for my morning walk yesterday. Lakshmi seems to have taken a shine to them. It seems like most restaurants in the area have adopted a cat or a dog. The hotel cat seems to think that the chair in our balcony is his. He was blissfully asleep on it when I left for the beach this afternoon. When I return he is still fast asleep. This sums up my feelings of the island. Pretty, tranquil, laid back and ‘purrfect’.

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