Sajana and Onam

Rice, sambar, aviyal and thoran, something I should have been eating on Onam day. Instead it came too early, just like Sajana’s death. Is this what Sajana had in mind when she suggested that we have Onam this year at her place, my mind wandered. Photos of her are scattered around the place. The wedding photo, one of the happiest days of her life. She gave Kavitha one of her little teddy bears the evening before her wedding. She was saying goodbye to her old life and welcoming in the new. Looking forward to a happy future with Asok and they did have a happy life till it was cut short so tragically. Mamen sits with his head in his hands, Mami keeps repeating her conversations. They are trying to cope in whichever way they can.

Back in Kerala, the flood waters are causing similar chaos in everyone’s lives. Lives cut short, properties destroyed, livelihoods washed away. Life is moving on as in some kind of daze. It must feel like they are in some kind of slow motion movie and one day soon will wake up and hope it was just a dreadful nightmare.

As word gets out, humanity unites to comfort the bereft. Those still standing find ways to help the fallen. Soon reality will set in and destroyed futures will have to be rebuilt and life will move on…somehow.

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