Queen’s Birthday Concert – the one I missed

Today Kavitha tells me that she was offered four tickets to see the Queen’s birthday concert on May 15. She applied through the public ballot and received the tickets the day before little Lakshmi was born. So in the midst of all this she forgot about the tickets and remembered about it today. I am very upset. She saw my blog about the Queen’s birthday and it still didn’t jog her memory?

So not only did I miss the show, but am also missing the chance of blogging about it. Anyway, I have googled to see what I have missed. The show was set in the grounds of Windsor castle and started around 8:30pm. The Queen and the Duke of Edinburgh arrived in the Diamond Jubilee State Coach and joined the rest of the Royal family. The show then started. It was the story of the Queen’s life starting from her birth and spanning most of her life, told using 900 horses, 1500 performers interspersed with famous people. Songs by Katherine Jenkins, Kylie Minogue, Shirley Bassey and other well known singers. Horses and riders from all over the world. Canadian Mounties, Omani cavalry, Azerbaijanis. Then a parade of the Queen’s own horses ridden by her daughter, granddaughter and family members. A giant birthday cake, so big that it had to be pulled by a Land Rover.

So 2 hours of music and entertainment. There were 6000 people in the audience. I could have been one of them. Never mind, such is life.

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