Porec- Croatia

As the UK go to the polls today, I wonder what sort of shambles we are getting ourselves in for. Anyway whatever will be will be and there is no point in worrying about things you have no control over.

We have a free day today to explore the town we are staying in. Kumar annan and I go for an early morning walk before the sun gets too hot. We leave at 630 and walk 6 miles along the beach front at a pace of 15-16 minutes per mile. The beach is a pebbled beach and is paved all the way around, which makes it easy to walk. The town was just waking up. We meet a handful of people walking their dogs, a few joggers and a couple braving an early morning dip in the sea.

Our resort is next to the sea front and is surrounded by a cedar and oak forest. By the time we walk back, the workers are busy sweeping and tidying up the paths. There is hardly any rubbish anywhere. The seawater is clean and clear. It just goes to show that if we look after the environment and respect it, it is us who reap the benefits.

After breakfast the four of us walk to the Old Town. It is the same path we took this morning, but we do it at a gentler pace. The episcopal complex of the Euphrasius Basilica is a cathedral complex from the sixth century. The interior is decorated by mosaics which have been preserved from the same century and is a beautiful example of art from the Byzantium period. We walk around the complex starting from the Atrium, which also dates back to the same period, the Baptistery and then climb the sixteenth century Bell tower, from where we can see the beauty of the Old Town in its entirety. It was almost midday and time for the bells to ring and so we didn’t linger there for too long, but instead watched the ringing bells from the Bishop’s palace. There are lots more to see before we finally reach the Basilica and admire the mosaics representing Christ and his apostles and Mary and child surrounded by angels.

The sun was out today but with the temperature in the low twenties it was not too hot, but we were ready for a nice cold drink by the time we had seen the Basilica. After the drink we walked along the cobbled streets and past the town squares looking for a nice restaurant to have lunch. A young guy invited us into his fish restaurant enticing us with a good offer. Normally we are sceptical about such offers, but this time we are pleasantly surprised. It turned out to be one of the most delicious meals we’ve ever had with different types of grilled fish, lobster and octopus. The offer included grappa, coffee and an ice cream as well.

After a bit of shopping, we walked back to the hotel. I checked the sea water temperature, but felt that it was a bit too cold for my liking and so decided to give swimming a miss today. I am watching the news as I write this. The exit polls doesn’t look good for Theresa May, well as I said whatever will be will be. But let’s hope that whatever the outcome, It will all work out in the end.

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