Once in a blue moon

As I scrape the ice off my car’s windscreen and wait for the views to clear, I check today’s temperature forecast. It was in the double figures yesterday and this morning it is minus one. The weather is playing games again. The end of January is here and I notice that the shoots of the spring flowers are aleady starting to emerge. The early morning mist lifts to reveal a frost covered field as I make my way to work. It is a clear day and there are no grey clouds to shield the early morning sun ….

Twenty four hours later and it is a different picture. The sun is nowhere to be seen and it is a dreary and wet day. I have a busy day at work and when I leave it is dark. I need to pick up the little one from the childminder’s place today and take her home. I drive down the dark winding narrow road that takes me to Epping. The silhouette of lone trees tower over the open fields. The dark royal blue sky forms the perfect backdrop with the moon beaming at me as I make my way to my destination. It is a special moon today. The combination of a super blue and blood moon. A once in a blue moon phenomenon. It is a wondrous sight. A sight I would have enjoyed more if it wasn’t for the annoying car behind me who seems to be in a hurry to get home. The road is too narrow for me to stop and let it pass. It stays right behind me all the way.

When we reach her home I show Lakshmi the moon. She seems to be mesmerised by the sight as well. Soon her mum arrives and it is time for me to leave. She clings on to me and wouldn’t let go. I take her upstairs to get her ready for her bath. Her hold tightens. I hold her tightly for a while. Slowly she lets go and I hand her to her mum. I sneak off as she starts crying….

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