Once again back in Schliersee

The sun’s rays cast shadows on my lawn as I look through the kitchen window. A lone squirrel scurries along looking for fallen acorns. It’s a beautiful morning and I have plenty of work to do before I go away on a week’s break. The talk on the radio is about the attacks in Barcelona and Finland. It is turning into the norm now. Terrorist incidents every few months if not weeks. I try to not listen. The choice for our break was either Marbella in Spain or Schliersee in Germany. The lure of the mountains, lakes, goulash, dumplings, strudel and Weissbier won hands down compared to the sun, sea, sangria and tapas. Our rule of not visiting a place we’ve been before goes out the window when it comes to Schliersee. It’s like home away from home now, for a week once every year.

The day passes quickly and we go to our local Indian restaurant for dinner. It’s the first time we’ve been here. The food is mediocre, but I like the ambience, the service and the views. It is a small place, but tastefully decorated. There are a few paintings on the walls. Three of them by the same artist. I walk around after dinner when the customers have gone to have a closer look at the paintings. I like these Asian paintings capturing a moment in time. The one hanging next to us has three ladies and a man sitting around chatting. One of the ladies is looking at the artist and she is the only one with clearly defined features, the rest of the scene blends in around her.

I still have more work to finish off before bedtime. The day dawns and it’s an early rise to get the tube to Heathrow. Kumar Annan and Prasanna are also joining us, but today they couldn’t get tickets on the same flight and so they’ve gone ahead on an earlier flight but will wait at Munich airport for us to join them.

On the flight I look through magazines and an article catches my eye. Twelve writers talking about their first holiday romance. Some are quite hilarious and I laugh out loud without realising that I’m in a public place. Slowly the theme changes. A woman has a one night stand with a guy and then hooks up with his sister. Each to their own, I suppose. Next is about someone falling in love with a dog they rescued. Then it is about a boy and a goat he befriends in Greece which invariably ends in tears. The last is about someone’s childhood where he and his siblings spend ‘Blytonesque’ type summer holidays in Devon with his grandmother. Stories that inspire happy thoughts.

Once we land we catch up with Kumar Annan and Prasanna. This time we don’t want any dramas with tickets flying onto train tracks and so I make sure it’s tucked away safely. We get the train to Donnersburger brucke.

The trains to Schliersee are only one every hour and we wait for forty minutes to get our train. We have to get onto the correct carriage as when it reaches Holzkirchen the carriages split from each other and go three separate ways. When the train comes we can’t find our carriage. There is an announcement, but it is in German. At Holkirchen we get off the train and are not sure what to do. A kind fellow commuter then explains that there was a storm last night and because of that there are problems with the line and our train will arrive shortly. There are no trains due for another 50 minutes according to the display. It’s getting late and we are all tired. Soon our single carriage arrives and we are on our way. It’s look like we cannot avoid dramas and get entangled in them one way or another.

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