NYC trip

“Window or aisle” asks the lady at the counter. “Window” I say. Later I wonder why I didn’t ask for the aisle seat. Getting the lady in the aisle seat to move each time I wanted to visit the toilet was not easy. I did offer her my seat, but she declined stating her weak bladder, but it seems I needed it more than she did. Primera, a new airline with just the basics. According to the Times last weekend, the travel correspondent was quite impressed with it and so am I. No entertainment meant I managed to read and get rid off some of the pending journals which have been piling up. The staff were very pleasant and the toilets were clean.

The answer to why I chose the window seat became obvious as we started our descent into Newark airport. I feel the best time to take off or land is during sunset. It was past sunset and the dark clouds hid the moon but the horizon was a mixture of grey to various shades of blue till it merged with the greenery of the land. As we neared Manhattan, the skyline changed and the Empire State Building and other landmarks came into view. I think we are on the wrong side of Manhattan to see the Statue of Liberty. It is nowhere in sight. When visible, the sight from the skies is pretty spectacular.

Nidhin waited patiently for us to clear immigration and customs. I can never understand the NY cab drivers as they mumble underneath their breath. He drove like a maniac overtaking on the left and right hand sides and got us to our destination in record time. Nishanth laughed at me when he saw my hairstyle. Kavitha did the same earlier. I never get it blow dried these days. When Tracey does it for me, I end up like I have had an electric shock. On Friday I let Tracey dry it for me, which was a mistake again. The look on the dental receptionist’s face said it all as I walked in straight after my hair appointment. I tried to rub my hair down in the toilet, but when Alan, my dentist, tried to hide his smirk, I knew it was a disaster. And there I was hoping that it will stay good for a few days, but it had to go. So my hair is back to normal after a good wash as I wait for everyone to wake up. It is going to be raining all day and so I’m not sure what we might do today.

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