NY Botanical Gardens

Yesterday we went to the NY botanical gardens and spent the morning walking around the park and chatting to my brother. We took a taxi there.

The driver was meant to drop us off at the entrance and leave. At the entrance a security guy told us to carry on and said that another security guy would direct us at the end of the road. Nishanth tried to explain that the taxi guy was just dropping us off, but he didn’t want to know. So the taxi driver drove on. We didn’t find anyone to direct us and carried on driving. We half circled the outskirts of the park by this time. I told the driver to stop the car and let us out. He wouldn’t stop and carried on. At this point I started getting a bit twitchy and asked him why he wasn’t stopping his car. He was a Hispanic guy whose English wasn’t that good. I don’t think he was being malicious, but maybe just felt that he hadn’t done his job properly if he dropped us off at the wrong place. To me though it wasn’t funny anymore. By this time a security guy drove to our side and stopped. I wound down my window and was almost about to say ‘rescue us’, when my brother got out and walked to security guy and explained the situation. So he told the taxi driver to drop us off and follow him so that he can show him the exit. The taxi guy still kept on mumbling something. So I just went ‘gracias’ and got out. His demeanour suddenly changed and he was now fine about us getting out. Somebody paid him and off he went. We couldn’t stop laughing about how a taxi driver could hold us hostage.

We had a lovely morning walking amongst the magnolia trees. It’s still too early here for the cherry blossoms which was a pity. In England the cherry blossoms have finished flowering and the season for it is almost over.

Deepthi and Nidhin caught up with us at lunchtime. We had a quick browse around the shops and went for lunch in this lovely Italian place. Reminded me of the ‘Americano’ song.  The food was delish and we had a blast.

On the way back we took the bus. Nishanth wanted to go to the library, so I got off the bus with him. Good thing about staying with him is that we can do things that the locals do and not feel like tourists. We took a short cut through the park and ‘Poe centre ( where his photos were exhibited along with Nidhin’s) and got back home by about 4ish.

Rest of the day we just chilled out and watched the England match. ‘Way to go boys. Keep it up’. Tomorrow the men won’t budge till they’ve watched the Indian match. Most of the shops won’t be open , so we will leave after lunch for more shopping.

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