New Year’s Eve and partying

Another grey and dreary day. Well, we are in the middle of winter and this is how it is going to be for the next couple of months. The weather is actually quite mild for December and so the dreariness is not accompanied by bitterly cold winds or at least not yet. 

As I look out from the anaesthetic office window and take in the nondescript scenery I wonder what makes today different from any other day. New Year’s Eve and so what. End of one year and the beginning of another. For a short period we will struggle to get the dates right on our records and then by the time we get used to it, the year will be ending. The cogwheel of season changes will continue regardless of what happens. It is like being on a continuous train journey with no stops, sometimes passing through the most amazing scenes and sometimes through dark and dingy tunnels. Pulling the emergency cord without a valid reason or jumping off is not an option as it would be suicidal. Yet sometimes you just want to scream and say stop, stop, stop, let me out. 

Okay now I have got that out of my system, let’s see how it actually turned out. 

A bit of road rage in the morning. There was hardly any traffic on the roads on my way to work and yet this white van wanted to overtake me and that too from the wrong lane. When he realised that I wasn’t going to play his game, he cut across me on the roundabout and whizzed past me. I could have easily hit him if I hadn’t anticipated and braked with millimetres to spare. If I had hit him, it would have been his fault and would have caused a lot of damage, especially to the driver himself, as he was directly in the line of impact. I am glad it happened on the last day of the year. There is nothing I can do about the way people treat me, but I can stop myself from reacting to their annoying provocative actions. I don’t normally do new year resolutions but if I chose to do one this would be it. He would have gained another 2-3 minutes on his journey and for that was willing to pay for it with his life. This is how you cut off your nose to spite your face. He got away this time but might not be that lucky the next time he decides to pull this stunt. 

Fast forward to evening and we are on our way to Wokingham. Kavitha has arranged for all the family to meet up and spend the evening at the Hilton to welcome in the New Year.  We arrive just in time to check in and make our way to Anitha’s room. A small drink to get us all in the party spirit and we are all ready to go down and join the rest of the revellers. 

The DJ starts the evening with games for the kids. A buffet dinner and soon everyone is rocking along to music which carries on well into the night. As midnight approach we are ushered with a glass of champagne each and orange juice for the children to the hotel gardens. The countdown starts and so does the fireworks as the clock strikes midnight. The dazzling fireworks display go on for a good eight minutes and we toast in the New Year. 

And thus began my new year and a new chapter in my life. It is time to embrace the new and go with the flow. I am in a way happy to see the end of 2018. Let’s me see where 2019 will take me. 

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