My take on the year

My take on the year in a nutshell,
Thanking all my friends who made it special:
End of another year and the beginning of a new one
Did anyone predict the mayhem it would create
A year dominated by sports, politics, war and terror
A year full of surprises as someone quoted
A year you wouldn’t have been able to foresee even in your wildest dreams

First the Brexit and then Trump
Everyone thought ‘No’ it wouldn’t happen and yet it did
Even those who voted for it
A year when God decided you can have what you want, rather than what you need
But then realised ‘No’, that’s not how it works
But it was too late to reverse the Trump decision

A year when I was able to rediscover myself
Where my true passions lay
I shared it with my friends
They kept quiet when it didn’t impress them and encouraged me when it did
A year where I was able to share in all my friends triumphs and tribulations

Is the future going to be bright?
Does it matter
As long as we are all still together
We will meet again
Same time, same place
Next year, this time
Hopefully with lots of good stories to see in the year ahead
And so the earth rolls
And we with it

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