My class get together

Class Get Together- my take on it, through the looking glass:

My medical school classmates recently had a get together. Most classmates have get togethers, so you may ask what was so special about this one. I was out of the radar for a little while. Well quite a long time actually. Although I have seen most of my classmates over the years at children’s weddings, social visits etc, I haven’t actually kept in touch or found out what has been happening to the wider group for a good few years. The last and only get together I went to was in 2004 I think. So it was a pleasant surprise to get back into the fold and find out how everyone was getting along. I couldn’t attend the function, but I watched the preparations and the excitement taking shape from the sidelines.

Hari, the born leader led the arrangements with a lot of help from all those who were near and afar. What has surprised me the most was the enthusiasm and untiring efforts of my friends. Everyone gave it their utmost as far I could make out from the chats. The friendship and camaraderie has been so uplifting and palpable, even for those of us who could not participate but could only sit back and watch.

One of my Indian work colleagues told me recently that he would have gone to his school’s get together even if he could only get away for the weekend. Despite travelling that much distance for just the function he said the happiness gained was worth it’s weight in gold. I now totally agree with him and know already what I will be doing the next time my friends meet up. Some experiences in life are priceless and this certainly is one such occasion.

I do not have any hidden talents waiting to be discovered in me and cannot sing or dance like my friends can, but I will certainly be there to cheer them along next year.

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