Miskin Manor Hotel

The spiders have been busy spinning their cobwebs. The outside of the house is starting to look a little bit like the haunted house from ‘the Addams family’. Well, I am exaggerating but still there is a lot of cobwebs. I’m having a quick tidy up and last minute plant watering before we make our way to South Wales. I haven’t got time to seal the leak in the birdbath but put a plastic bag over it and fill it up with water and also top up my garden pond. We are experiencing one of the hottest days since records began. I’m not sure if the birds will find the water. The problem is that, I have been ignoring the birds for quite a while and they’ve lost interest in me. I haven’t seen any birds in the garden recently. Just before we leave I see a Jay bird sipping from the birdbath. It will be fine now. He will call his friends to join him and I leave a happy person. It is a joy to watch the birds frolicking and having a good time cooling off when they see the water.

It is past three in the afternoon when we reach the Miskin Manor Hotel near Cardiff. Huw’s brother is getting married tomorrow and this is where the reception will take place. The outside heat is intense and I feel it burning my skin as I walk the short distance from the car park to the entrance. Built in 1864 and set in 25 acres of land with a beautifully manicured garden, it will provide the perfect setting for the wedding.

In our room, we find a four poster bed. It reminds me of a friend’s recent whatsapp forwarded message about how four poster beds came into existence. According to that message, sheets or curtains were put around beds to prevent bugs and droppings from falling onto clean bedsheets. I look up the history behind these beds and find that this is actually not true. Canopy beds with curtains drawn around it was to keep the light and draught out and for privacy as the attendants used to sleep in the same room.

We go down to meet the family and Lauren’s parents. As the conversations start I find out that the Manor was featured in the TV programme called ‘Most Haunted’. In the olden days I would have freaked out. Apparently the ‘Oak Room’ is the one where most apparitions have occurred. It is three in the morning. I’m wide awake and can’t seem to sleep. There was a wedding in the Hotel and the party went on till late at night. I can hear a lot of movement and people walking around upstairs now. I don’t think it is the ghosts or come to think of it, is it???

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