Medical school days and fashion trends

Recently I read a forwarded post written by a doctor lamenting the bygone days. Her bugbear was why we feel the urge to grow up fast when we are young and when we reach a certain age the opposite is true. To make her look older in her younger days she visited the opticians to get a pair of glasses. However her plea was rejected as there was nothing wrong with her eyesight.

Reading this message reminded me of my ophthalmology posting. I had a lazy eye in those days, still have, but my other eye compensates for this. So I didn’t need any specs to improve my vision in those days, but I couldn’t resist the temptation either. Unlike our author, I managed to procure the coveted pair of glasses which I proudly wore for the next few weeks till I got tired of them. The glare from the glasses actually made it difficult for me to read. Slowly I realised my stupidity and got rid of them. During those few weeks I proudly wore my specs, hoping to achieve that intellectual look, which I otherwise lacked.

We used to call our studious classmates ‘stu’ or ‘stews’ for short. In those days it was a fashionable look. Fashions come, they go and most of us tried to keep up with the trends. Without it I think student life would have been quite boring. I can’t call our student days ‘carefree’ days. We still had the responsibility of passing exams and doing well, but looking back I think we did get the balance right. We enjoyed our free days and studied hard when needed. I may not want to live through it again, but it certainly was one of the best years of my life.

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