Longest day

Is it possible to make a mundane day sound interesting I wondered. I’m sitting in the steam room once again. The medicinal smell as you enter slowly fades away and the heat takes over. As the heat gets stifling the woman sitting next to me makes silly noises. She is burping one minute, flicking her sweat around the next and then muttering ‘disgusting’ under her breath. I look at her and she apologises saying that she is just talking to herself. The heat comes down to a tolerable level and she leaves the room. The whirring sound starts again as the steam and heat builds up and the cycle continues.

I have just finished an hour of workout. The steps which is normally very popular was free as I walked in. I climbed over a hundred floors and over 1,800 steps in half an hour. This in the only exercise where I sweat. The cross trainer and other equipments don’t seem to have that effect on me. I wonder if I am not giving it my all. After all my focus is to complete the sudoku and the solitaire games. I am getting pretty good at solving the hard sudokus. As I look around and see people doing the plank, I feel like telling them that I can hold it for two whole minutes. I’m sure they can do a lot of things which I can’t do but still.

Even though I am having a mundane day. There is nothing mundane about today. It is the longest day of the year and from tomorrow the days will gradually get shorter and shorter and before we know it summer will be gone and with it Amma too. This is one of the years I will look back as one of my best summer months. Amma is adamant she doesn’t want to travel again, but I do hope she will change her mind and visit us often.

With the heat, my sinuses get clearer and my pores open up or at least that is the idea. Sweat pours down my face as the heat builds up again. I wait for the cycle to complete and leave to have a shower. If I’m lucky I will get home in time to catch the end of the Croatia-Argentina game. Let’s see if Victor will be celebrating a Croatian win tonight.

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