London Olympics continued

We got to the O2 arena in time to watch our second Olympics event, the men’s team gymnastics event. From our seats we had a good view of all the different routines. It was the qualification rounds for the team general artistic performances. The problem was that all the routines happened at the same time and so which one do you concentrate on? When you are watching the gymnastics on the TV they concentrate on one apparatus at a time, and with replays it is easy to follow.

Anyway watching the men go through their routines gave us an idea as to how difficult the routines are and we watched in awe as the gymnasts made the routines look so easy. Team GB was not performing that day, and with all the performances happening together there was no one particular routine that we could cheer for.

By the time the event was over we had had a very long and happy day. The weather was good, but the forecast for the rest of the week was bleak. It was time to make our way home. We still had another day of Olympics planned and this time at the main venue.

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