London Olympics

On July 6 2005, we found out that the 2012 Olympics was coming to London. Our joy was short lived when the next day the 7/7 bombings took place in London. One of our cousins got trapped in the tube behind one of the underground trains where a bomb went off. She was trapped in the tube’s dark carriage for a very long time, all the while listening to the screams coming from nearby carriages and not knowing what was going on before she was rescued.

Slowly London healed although the scars remained and we started looking forward to the Olympics. We could see the buildings going up slowly. It seemed to go on for ever and we never thought the day would come. As the days neared we found out that we could apply for four tickets each through a public ballot.

Kavitha was starting her first job as a doctor the first Monday after the games started. As she wouldn’t be allowed to take leave soon after starting her new job we decided to apply for tickets in different venues for the first weekend. In the end we were able to get three tickets each. Most of our friends didn’t get any tickets the first time around and were quite jealous of us when we smugly told them about ours.

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