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Lakshmi is fast asleep unlike yesterday when she woke up just as I was about to leave for work. She was still sleep deprived and so not happy at all. Each time her Appu picked her up, her lower lips started to tremble and she burst out into tears. Luckily Peppa pig came to the rescue and she let me go.

I am on a study day today. An anaesthetic and surgical collaborative day at the BMA house. I walk up the hill to catch the tube from the underground station. The daffodils are withering and making way for the tulips, all in different colours and forms. The cherry blossom petals fall like confetti every time a sharp wind catches it. It makes colourful patterns on the pavement. The breeze sweeps the petals onto an orderly border along the lush green grass verge. It gives the impression of a silk saree being laid out on the pavement. I like the colour combinations. The weather forecast is for rain for the next two weeks and the temperature is getting back to seasonal norms.

At Holborn, I get the Piccadilly line to Russell Square. It was the site of our old Royal College before it moved to it’s current address in Holborn. I remember the olden days when I used to come here for my exams. Some good memories and some not so good.

The BMA house is in Tavistock square which is the next square from here. Even though I am a BMA member, I have never been to this place. It is an impressive building with a pretty courtyard. During the London bombings in 2007, three bombs were set off on the underground trains and later one on a double decker bus at Tavistock square near the BMA house. Doctors who were attending a conference were able to help the casualties. Much was written about it at the time.

Kavitha has had enough of her parents and has decided to go back to her house today. When I come back in the evening, the house is empty and quiet. I have a lot of tidying up to do before I can rest my weary feet. According to the papers William and Kate will never have any time to get bored now that their third child has arrived. I think I can say the same about me as well.

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