Leaving Croatia

We are on our way back to the airport. It’s been a week already since we’ve been here. Time does fly when you are having fun. What would I remember when I look back in years. There have been quite a few new experiences. The train trip into the Slovenian caves, the Lipizzaner horse show, the azure/cyan blue Plitvice lakes, the amphitheatre, the truffle tasting experience and above all the early morning walks along the seafront. I couldn’t resist that one last walk before leaving this morning. On the walk I noticed that there was a discotheque which looked like it had been open all night. The revellers were still going strong. Some were heading to the sea for an early morning dip. There were not many joggers or dog walkers out yet. It was still too early. I had to get back to the hotel by seven and heard the bells from the Basilica bell tower chime just as I got back. I will miss these walks.

The people are kind and friendly. Sometimes we did find people staring at us. It was like when I first came to England in the eighties and when there were not many Indians around. But that is all fine, it was a friendly stare, so we ignored it.

So once again it’s time to head back home till my next holiday. I saw a writing on someone’s T-shirt today. ‘Love life and life will love you back’. How apt.

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