Lazy day by the beach

Yesterday we had a lazy day by the sea. The good thing about the ‘Leela’ is that they have their own private beach and it is a sandy one as well. The beach at the Taj was more rocks and stones. The beach guys found us a good spot and put two sun loungers together for us, which meant the baby had space to sit and play while we just chilled out.

Soon the tour guide came to tempt us. He looked more like a fisherman than a tour guide. He wanted us to book a trip around the bay. I told him that it was not safe taking the baby on a fast boat. He started telling me about his snorkelling trips. I said I will give it a miss this time, and will try it out the next time I come here.

This morning I took the little one for a stroll along the beachfront while her mother was getting ready. It was the perfect time, as the beach was almost deserted and most people were still at breakfast. The sun was still thinking about how hot it should turn its thermostat up. I was listening to some old Malayalam songs on my phone.

The guy cornered me again. He liked my choice of songs. I said we are leaving today and the next time I come I will book a trip with him. He wanted to know when my next trip was. I said probably July for my dad’s death anniversary. He has already planned the trip he was taking me on. Walking tour to the nearby mosque, church and harbour, boat trip to Poovar. I told him that I don’t normally do trips if I travel on my own. His reply was “it is better on your own. You have more freedom”. “Yes you are right” I replied. So I have my date all sorted for my next trip. If only he looked like Idris Elba. Ahh well, in my dreams.

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