Last day in Schliersee 2016

Saturday is here and we are going back home tonight. Flight is in the evening, so we have plenty of time.

I woke up early for my walk. Kumar annan indulged a bit too much last night I think. He was nowhere to be seen when I came down at 630. He had warned me. So I went for my second solo walk. I hardly saw anybody for the first hour. The early morning mist covered the fields and was just gently lifting. Normally I hear the church bells ringing. I didn’t hear anything this morning apart from the chirping birds and running streams. The ducks were up early and so were the goats with bells around their neck, they seem to look up at me every time I disturb their early morning breakfast as I come down the little hill. I forgot my earpiece and so turned on some gentle music on my phone. A couple were having an early morning dip. The water must be freezing cold at this time of the morning. Another elderly gentleman was drying off after his dip. He must have heard the music and turned around and gave me a lovely smile. I think he liked the music.

As I passed the town, the foghorn siren sounded three times. I wondered what was happening. It was the sound you hear in the films, to warn people of an imminent danger. I heard the sound of emergency vehicles as well. The locals didn’t seem concerned. Back at the hotel, the receptionist told me that it was the fire station doing their regular fire alarm drills.

It was time to pack and check out. We have had a lovely week. The weather stayed perfect apart from the two days at the beginning.

We walked down to the lake. Today the two swans came out to play. Another photo opportunity and we didn’t want to miss it. It was almost midday and time for an early leisurely lunch at another lake side restaurant. The meal was delicious. We didn’t have space for dessert, but couldn’t resist and so bought an apple cake and shared it.

So I’m waiting for the British airways check-in desk to open. I have had one of the best holidays. Kumar annan and Prasanna are such good fun. Prasanna comes up with these blinding funny one liners which has had us in stitches for the last few days. I haven’t laughed so much in ages. Before we know it I’m sure the year will pass and we will be back again next year same time.

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