Last day in Oslo

Today we return home. The flight is in the afternoon and we need to leave by midday. Like yesterday we leave the hotel for breakfast at about 930. This time we find a nice hotel restaurant and have a full buffet breakfast. The plan was to walk to the City Hall and have a quick browse and then check out.

According to the guide book the City Hall is open everyday, unless I read that wrong or there is a special event going on in which case it will be closed. Either way the Hall was closed. This is where the Nobel Peace prize is awarded every year on 10 December to remember Alfred Nobel on the anniversary of his death in 1896.

So we couldn’t do anything today and we make our way back to the train station and catch the train to the airport.

We were only able to use the Oslo pass for 24 hours and so needn’t have bought the 48 hour pass. The pass allows us to see quite a lot of the places for free and the transport in the city is free as well. The only problem is that you end up rushing from one place to another to make the most of it. We could have done with an extra day here.

After all the Scandinavian crime dramas I have been watching, I should have picked up some words by now. But the only word I knew was ‘Takk’ or thank you. Quite pathetic really.

The Scandinavians seem to be quite a fun loving lot. The hotel had lots of quirky messages all over the place and even their brochure was quite educative in a fun way. It was full of messages as to how to save energy and help the planet. The lighting, the shower etc were all designed to prevent energy wastage. The Scandinavians are quite big on interior designing. The light fittings they used in the TV shows garnered more reviews than the actual thrillers they produced one season. It is a very expensive place to dine out. I still need to come back one day to do a cruise and see the Fjords in all it’s glory and the Aurora Borealis. The northern lights are a bit of a lottery though. You can be there for a long holiday and not see it or you could be there for just a night and see the the most amazing light show.

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