Lakshmi’s second Christmas

It is Christmas Eve and we are driving back home tonight. I say goodbye to Grampy, Nana, Auntie Katie and Alfie. We don’t have a chimney at home. Santa needs a chimney to deliver presents and so we are going to Ammamma and Appoo’s house. I sleep some of the way but wake up when Dada stops for a break at the service station. Dada gets Amma a burger and me an apple. I don’t want the apple and I try to eat my amma’s burger but she is too fast and finishes it before I ask for my second helping. I am not happy.

We reach ammamma’s house before midnight and leave a mince pie for Santa and a carrot for the reindeers. I am tired but cannot sleep. Ammamma let’s me watch Alfie’s videos. I fall asleep after some time.

I wake up late and it is Christmas morning. Ammamma is already up and in the kitchen. Amma gets me ready and I go down and find lots of presents under the Christmas tree. Santa has come and gone. I can’t open the presents yet. Amma let’s me eat my porridge by myself. I make a mess. Kochappu and family arrive with more presents. We sit around the tree and open our presents. I have lots and lots of presents. Two coats for the winter, lots of pretty dresses and books. I also get four dolls. Now I have to look after all of them. The twins have milk bottles and I must remember to use the right ones. I get lots of Peppa pig clothes and books. The Peppa pig book makes lots of noises. I like Peppa’s laughing and George’s snorting the best.

Everybody is drinking and Appu keeps filling up their glasses with something funny called prosecco. I eat a penguin chocolate. Amma sets the table for lunch and kunjamma helps prepare the turkey. We have turkey, sausages, potato and vegetables. Everybody is pulling something called a cracker and starts saying jokes. It is not funny. They are also wearing a funny hat. Kochappu takes photos. I am not hungry. I am tired. Dada puts me in my cot and I go to sleep.

Ammamma wakes me up in the evening. Amma is playing a game called Cluedo with chittappan and kunjamma. They are eating Christmas pudding with lots of custard. It looks yummy. Kochammu helps wash the dishes and soon they are leaving. I play with my toys while Amma and Dada watch a film called ‘Ghost’. Then it is bathtime and bedtime. I am not sleepy. I slept too much this afternoon.

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