Lakshmi’s first Christmas

I haven’t spent Christmas at my house now for a few years. For the last few years it has been in New York, Kerala, Marbella and now for the second year running in Wales, Newtown to be precise with Huw’s parents.

We set out by 830 and in a little over 3 hours we were here. The roads were clear and the weather mild but slightly windy. There is a storm brewing up but luckily it has stayed away so far. I read the Christmas digital version of the Sunday times to while my time. Lakshmi was fast asleep and so we did not stop for a break. By the time we reach Wales, the motorway gives way to winding roads with the rolling hills in the backdrop and the trees, which have now shed all their last remaining leaves silhouetting the scene. The grazing sheep in the open fields bring life to this otherwise still picture. I put my paper away and listen to some Christmas classical music. The sun starts making an appearance as we pull into the driveway. The welcoming noise of the River Severn which flows just yards from the house brings back memories from last year.

Huw’s parents and sister have been hard at work getting Christmas lunch and the house ready for us. Lakshmi’s presents were all laid out for her to make the most of her short time in Wales. The massive Christmas tree in the corner completed this perfect picture.

Alfie was excited to see us as usual. He sniffed around Lakshmi and she in return stroked his back. He didn’t touch any of Lakshmi’s toys, but kept his distance during the day.

By evening Huw’s brother and girlfriend arrived and the family was complete. We exchanged presents, played games, ate and drank till we could eat or drink no more, watched a bit of telly and all in all had one of the loveliest days which we will cherish for years to come.

It was little Lakshmi’s first Christmas and she was able to spent it with all her close family. With Katie graduating this year and soon starting her first house jobs and a family where half the number are doctors we don’t know when we will be able to spend another Christmas together like this.

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