Lakshmi’s first admirer

It’s Kavitha’s and Huw’s wedding anniversary weekend and they’ve decided to go away and I am on babysitting duties.

The day passes by without much to write. In the evening we decide to go to our nearest pub for dinner. It’s been a while since we’ve been there. The menu has changed and we try the jerk chicken for starters and fish as our main course. While waiting for the dessert to be served I took little Lakshmi out to the garden area. There are still a few families eating outside and a couple of little girls are running around. They ignore the little one, but she doesn’t mind. She walks around for a bit and looks very happy. We should have sat outside for our meal, Lakshmi would have been much happier. The lady in the next table asks me how old Lakshmi is and apparently her son was also born last April, but he is not interested in playing with her. Another little boy approaches Lakshmi with a flower and offers it to her. She accepts it graciously and they play with the giant lego blocks.

I take Lakshmi back in and we finish the chocolate cake. As we leave the pub the little boy’s mum frantically waves to us. Apparently he was wondering where we had gone and had told his mum that he loved her. Looks like somebody has a crush on the little one. First of many I think. We say our goodbyes and walk to the duck pond next to the pub. There is only one duck swimming around but she has her ducklings in tow. It is getting late and we make our way back home.

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