As January says goodbye and February welcomes us, I wonder, is January the most depressing month of the year. Appearing straight after the festive month, when the party season is over and the excesses of December has taken it’s toll, both on your waist line and on your pockets. It’s the time of the year to contemplate on past mistakes and make future resolutions. When daylight is in short supply and our evenings are engulfed in darkness. When colours evade us and we hide behind dark coats. The party season is over and dry January beckons. When gym memberships soar. When spirits are down and we find ways to liven ourselves.

Nothing lasts for ever. The good or the bad. February is upon us. Although the weather has taken a turn for the worst and the cold wind reminds me that winter is still with us, there is a distinct cheeriness in the air. Spring is not far off. February brings with it hope. Hope that soon our lives will be filled with colour again. As the snowdrops and daffodils tentatively make their appearance, and the trees and the shrubs slowly wake up from their slumber, the best season of the year is not too far away.

As my friends share their stage with world leaders and inspire future generations I share their happiness with them.

As my friends bicker playfully in our whatsapp classroom, be it making fun of each other or enjoying firing missiles I share their happiness with them.

As my friends get together and reminisce about the olden days over a bottle of Mount Gay, I share their happiness with them.

As my friends help each other out and look out for one another I share their happiness with them.

As my friends celebrate their children’s weddings, I share their happiness with them.

Thank you my friends for sharing your moments of happiness with me and getting me through the month that was January.

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