Happy New Year

Early on a winter morning 

The darkness, the stillness, the silence

Dawn chorus is yet to break

I tread softly to lessen the disturbance 

Street lamps cast eerie glows midst 

Blurry long shadows of bushes and trees

My Mini is asleep covered in frost

Under a thinly veiled blanket in the freeze

I prod her gently, she awakens

With a hum and a slow yawn

In the distance a train rumbles

London is waking up to another morn

‘Tis the start of another day, 

Another month, year and decade

Twentieth year into the new millennia

The past is gone and in the shade

The future awaits with bated breath 

Hope It brings with it joy and cheer 

For you and your kin

Happy New Year 

From Chitra and family 

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